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Earlier this year Lucia was fortunate enough to do some filming with the lovely Paul Martin on the programme "Make me a Dealer". She says "It was a lot more difficult than it looked and I wish I hadn't bought things I liked so much.  It was hard to part with them..." The programme is available on BBC iPlayer for download for a while:
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"Life throws challenges at us. It's a thing. The longer we live, I suppose the more these mount up and books, for me, provide a respite.  Since childhood I’ve found reading to be a refuge, a sort of mini-break from everyday stresses. 

During challenging times books have been a go-to for rest and recuperation.  I find picking up a book makes you put down the accumulated baggage of life for a while.
During a recent episode, the lovely lady at Macmillan gave me some valuable advice when I told her that. “Be careful what you read then..” she said..
How right was she? So I did only read books and articles with a buoyant vibe or a happy ending.  Ditto with my viewing habits, as, in fact, I couldn’t deal with anything too sad.  But I came to realise that, actually, I’d always been that way inclined; a bit of light relief, justice done and a fitting outcome.  
The books and stories that I’ve written are in that vein too; hopefully feel-good, generally upbeat and, ultimately, comforting stories that I’d like to be a refuge for the reader.
It goes without saying that I hope you’ll enjoy my book “Unforgotten”, its subsequent sequel “The Time Passages” (already written but undergoing edit) and that you’ll find them comforting and something of a bolthole.

I also write short story features for a local publication 'The Forum' - a quality magazine widely distributed within the Meon, Itchen and Test valleys.  You'll find these stories there and also on the My Short Stories page of my website .  Different subjects, but all based on observations and experiences – expressed in a light-hearted tone.  I add to these from time to time, when I’ve an idea that I can’t get out of my head and have to write it down."  

Lucia Foster-Found

Lucia published her debut novel  
on Amazon, with good reviews - here are a couple;

"What a great read, couldn't put it down. Refreshingly candid without over sensationalising events.  Can't wait for the follow-on."

"A worthwhile read - the first few chapters set the scene and then the story gathers pace and had that compelling mix of entwining storylines. Would make a good tv drama? Debut novel? can't find the author's work anywhere else, will have to wait for sequel."

"Loving this story.  It's very cleverly done with an interesting extra story going on in the background"

She has been editing "Unforgotten" and it is now available in the Amazon Kindle store - click on the cover below to take you to the store


 Lucia's sequel "Time Passages" will be released soon..

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